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Cosh Family History and Tree
Herein lies all the information that my family has gathered on the name Cosh and its passage from early 1900's England all the way to New Jersey.
The Family Reunion for 2020 has been canceled and we hope for a 2021 reunion. We will maintain the attendance policy below for the Family Reunion

Family Tree PDF

2020 Supplement

Hello Visitors and welcome to the Cosh Family History and Tree.  A majority of the information contained on this site has been compiled by Irene Cosh and transcribed by myself and others.  If you have any comments or suggestions, send me an email at (or hit the link below).  

Attendance Policy

For family reunions that are held at Space Farms Zoo and Museum, It has been brought to my attention that many families have been bringing guests, and not just one but sometimes four and five “family members” who are not directly related to the Cosh Family, such as brother or sister-in-law and their families saying come with us you can get in free. If they want to come with your family they are welcome, just go to the entrance door and tell them you are with the Cosh Family and pay the Space Farms group rate for their group. You can go on line to see the rates. The Cosh Family would only pay the $5.00 charge.

Please pass this along to all your family members. Remember, once you get married or leave home and are on your own, you are a new family and should be paying the $5.00 fee for yourself. Please don’t take advantage of Space Farms hospitality as we would like to have the Reunion there for years to come.


Joyce Cosh
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